Jeff Aster

Special guest

Jeff Aster is a former member of the United States Army, Law Enforcement Officer, and Private Security Contractor. Jeff joined the U.S. Army Reserves in 1980, serving for 10-years. His MOS was Combat Engineer. Jeff also joined the Philadelphia Police in 1980. He worked as a Detective, ultimately serving in the AG Office as a special agent for teh narcotics and crime division. Jeff was also a member of Pennsylvania SWAT team.

In 2010, Jeff retired from law enforcement in the u-S, taking a contract overseas the EPM -- Embedded Police Mission -- program under the INL mission, working for DynCorp Int'l. Jeff completed two years in Afghanistan as a police mentor.

Since 2013, Jeff started a private security comany by the name of Personal Security Solutions, LLC, based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

This guest's episode is anticipated to air the 13th of Novemeber, 2020

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