Larry Wilson

Special guest

Larry Wilson is a former U.S. Marine, law enforcement officer, and private security contractor overseas, and owner of MVX Security Solutions. Larry is considering throwing his hat into the political ring in 2022.

Larry's accomplishments include:
U.S. Marine (8-years), combat veteran during Desert Shield and Desert Storm, 17-years as a POST certified police officer with 1,755-hours of varied law enforcement training. His final three years were as an undercover narcotics officer in the metro area of Atlanta, Georgia. He has over 7-years of combined experience as an international police advisor, embedded police mentor, and Shift Lead in Iraq and Afghanistan as a Protective Security Specialist for DOS missions.

Larry's certifications include: WPS-PSS, ERT, Training Manager, Integrated Training Instructor, Firearms Instructor, Basic Field Firearms Officer Course, Protective Security Services Operations Chief. He also holds a NRA Basic Pistol Instructor certification.

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