OCONUS: The Contractor's Life



Music! Everyone loves music. And podcasts are, usually, no exception.

OCONUS: The Contractor's Life is pleased to announce its own, original music for the podcast opening and closing. So pleased are we by the results of our search for an artist who had the creativity and ability to do what we wanted without soaking us that we thought we would tell the world, and share it with our listeners. So, if you like the new, original music for the podcast opening and closing, listen to it here. Or not. (Yes, we had to put in an external link to the audio/music files as this site's host does not currently support things).



Who is this creative and talented music artist that created this original music for the podcast? His name is Andres Rodriguez. He is from Argentina, and has a full band. If you like what you hear, and would like to contact him for your own endeavors, he can be reached at the Fiverr website -- that's Fiverr dot com. His business name at the Fiverr website is androzguitar.